York Association of the National Trust

YANT website move

In April, this website will be moving to a new server. As a consequence of the move, our website address (http://yant.org.uk), and the associated @yant.org.uk email addresses, will stop working for a short period. Whilst the move is taking place, you will be able to access the new secure website at its new location using the address https://yantonline.org.uk

This is a temporary change whilst the transfer takes place. Once completed, our website will revert to its original address.

The new secure website is already up and running so, should you wish, you can start to use https://yantonline.org.uk straight away.

Please let me know if you spot any errors or omissions on the new site. My email address, until the move has been completed, will be web@yantonline.org.uk. After the move it will again be web@yant.org.uk

Further announcements will be posted on the website as the move progresses.